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Cybercriminals continue to evolve the sophistication of their attack methods

Cybercriminals continue to evolve the sophistication of their attack methods, from tailored ransomware and custom coding for some attacks, to living-off-the-land (LoTL) or …

Alcide partners with Fortinet to provide hybrid cloud network security solution

Alcide, a cloud-native security provider of the first Microservices Firewall, which secures microservices deployments with one policy engine for Dev, Sec and Ops, announced a …

Cisco WebEx
It’s time to update your Cisco WebEx software again!

Cisco has released security updates for a variety of its offerings, including some that fix critical remote code execution vulnerabilities in Webex software, Cisco Secure ACS …

Bitcoin traders beware: Fake trading bot offer delivers RAT

As the price of Bitcoin keeps hitting surprising heights, more and more cyber crooks are turning their sights on anything and anyone who trades or uses the popular …

PowerDNS patches five security holes in widely used nameserver software

PowerDNS, the company behing the popular open source DNS software of the same name, has pushed out security updates and patches for its Authoritative Server and Recursor …

connected house
Infosec expert viewpoint: IoT security initiatives

IoT went quickly from buzzword to mainstream, and connected devices have become common in households and enterprises around the globe. A worrying lack of regulation has fueled …

Do board members treat cybersecurity as a top priority?

Despite high profile cyberattacks continuing to occur, almost half of IT decision makers (ITDMs) at 250+ employee organizations around the world still believe that business …

Two Mac malware-as-a-Service offerings uncovered

Two pieces of Mac malware – MacRansom and MacSpy – that seem to be created by the same developer are being offered for sale through two separate dark web portals. …

Photo gallery: Infosecurity Europe 2017 Expo, part 3

Infosecurity Europe 2017 is underway at Olympia London in London. Here are a few photos from the expo floor. Featured companies: Qualys, Malwarebytes, Cyberbit, Fortinet, ForeScout.

Microsoft Word
Sushi or pizza? Mac or Windows threat?

Fortinet researchers have made an unusual find: a malicious Word file that is meant to target both OS X and Windows users. As has lately become the norm, when opened, the file …

Cisco network
Cisco, Fortinet validate exploits leaked by the Shadow Brokers

Cisco and Fortinet have released security advisories confirming that some of the exploits leaked by the Shadow Brokers work as intended. The entity released the batch as proof …

SSH backdoor found in more Fortinet devices, exploit attempts spotted in the wild

In case you missed it, Fortinet announced last week that the recently discovered FortiOS SSH backdoor – or, as they call it, “a management authentication …

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