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(Re)check your patched NetScaler ADC and Gateway appliances for signs of compromise

Administrators of Citrix NetScaler ADC and Gateway appliances should check for evidence of installed webshells even if they implemented fixes for CVE-2023-3519 quickly: A …

Dissect framework
Dissect: Open-source framework for collecting, analyzing forensic data

A game changer in cyber incident response, the Dissect framework enables data acquisition on thousands of systems within hours, regardless of the nature and size of the IT …

Log4Shell update: Attack surface, attacks in the wild, mitigation and remediation

Several days have passed since the dramatic reveal of CVE-2021-44228 (aka Log4Shell), an easily exploitable (without authentication) RCE flaw in Apache Log4j, a popular …

Fox IT
Security company Fox-IT reveals, details MitM attack they suffered in September

Dutch IT security consultancy/service provider Fox-IT has revealed on Thursday that it has suffered a security breach, which resulted in some files and emails sent by the …

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