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smart cybersecurity spending
Key to smart cybersecurity spending: Remove redundancies and strive for unification

Over the past two decades, the cybersecurity industry has been completely transformed. For organizations, cybersecurity’s evolution from a cottage industry to an economic …

Highly lucrative Ransomware as a Service attacks poised to accelerate in 2017

Ransomware can be likened to global warming. It’s been around for years, but it’s now becoming an epidemic which needs serious attention. According to a recent survey …

What a Security Evangelist does, and why you need one

Here is a simple truth: You can create the most revolutionary product ever, but if you can’t get word about it out, you’ll fail. Information security vendors …

Most IT pros have seen potentially embarrassing information about their colleagues

More than three-quarters of IT professionals have seen and kept secret potentially embarrassing information about their colleagues, according to new research conducted by …

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