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Author of potentially malicious OS X Pirrit adware discovered

An unnamed web developer working for Israeli marketing and advertising company TargetingEdge is the creator of the Pirrit adware targeting Mac machines, Cybereason security …

Pestudio: Initial malware assessment made simple

Malicious executables often attempt to hide their behavior and evade detection. By doing so, they present anomalies and suspicious patterns. Pestudio is a free tool that …

Vawtrak banking Trojan shifts to new targets

The Vawtrak banking Trojan (aka Snifula) is slowly but surely becoming a serious threat. With version 2, the malware has acquired the capability to target even more users, a …

ICS-focused IRONGATE malware has some interesting tricks up its sleeve

FireEye researchers discovered a malware family that’s obviously meant to target ICS systems, but found no evidence that it was ever used in the wild. They were unable …

DMA Locker 4.0
DMA Locker ransomware ready for mass distribution

According to Malwarebytes’ researcher Hasherezade, we’re in for a lot of pain once the new and improved DMA Locker ransomware starts doing the rounds. Its first …

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Google offers binary comparison tool BinDiff for free

In case you missed it, Google announced on Friday that BinDiff, a comparison tool for binary files, can now be downloaded for free. The tool is used to spot differences and …

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