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VisibleRisk appoints three new executives to its leadership team

VisibleRisk announced the appointment of three new executives to its leadership team. Scott Schneider has joined the company as Chief Revenue Officer, Liesl Geier has joined …

How organizations view and manage cyber risk

Amid a wider range of issues to handle, a majority of board members and senior executives responsible for their organization’s cyber risk management had less than a day in the …

Cyber attacks ranked as top risk in Europe, North America, East Asia and the Pacific

There are significant differences in risk perceptions across the eight regions covered in the World Economic Forum’s Regional Risks for Doing Business report. Over 12,000 …

Global cyber risk perception: Highest management priorities

Few organizations are highly confident in their ability to manage the risk of a cyber-attack, despite viewing cybersecurity as a top risk management priority, according to a …

As GDPR implementation date approaches, cyber risk gets more attention

The upcoming implementation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect in May 2018, has elevated cyber risk to the top of the …

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