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Applying Shift Left principles to third party risk management

In this Help Net Security video, Etai Hochman, CTO at Mirato, talks about applying Shift Left, a concept that originated with developers to find and prevent defects early in …

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Mirato’s mitigation planning feature allows users to uncover potential third-party risks

Mirato announced its new mitigation planning feature, designed to build plans to fix and mitigate risk issues that emerge out of the TPRM due-diligence process, including …

Protecting your company from fourth-party risk

In a world that is becoming ever more interconnected, organizations are learning firsthand that they are not only vulnerable to the adverse events that their vendors …

How do I select a third-party risk management solution for my business?

COVID-19 has increased organizational focus on third-party risk management (TPRM) for 83% of companies, a recent study reveals. Yet, only 40% of organizations report expanding …

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