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Does working remotely actually work?

In the blink of an eye, remote work went from an experiment to a requirement. And as the results of a recent survey conducted by OnePoll reveal, work has a completely new look …

remote work
Is remote work the new normal?

As COVID-19 continues to spread, remote work is no longer an experiment, but a requirement in many nations. While it represents a huge change, the results of a research …

50% of people would exercise at least one right under the CCPA

As state houses and Congress rush to consider new consumer privacy legislation in 2020, ‚ÄčAmericans expect more control over their personal information online, and are …

Consumers increasingly deploying biometrics as PINs and passwords continue to fail

The UK is ready to fight fraud with biometrics, according to new research revealed by Nuance on World Password Day. The new research carried out by OnePoll asked 1,000 adults …

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