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Dnsmasq vulnerabilities open networking devices, Linux distros to DNS cache poisoning

Seven vulnerabilities affecting Dnsmasq, a caching DNS and DHCP server used in a variety of networking devices and Linux distributions, could be leveraged to mount DNS cache …

OpenWrt discloses forum data breach

The OpenWrt project has revealed that an attacker has managed to access information about its online forum users over the weekend, by compromising the account of a forum …

Millions of routers running OpenWRT vulnerable to attack

A vulnerability (CVE-2020-7982) discovered in the package manager of the OpenWRT open source operating system could allow attackers to compromise the embedded and networking …

PPP Daemon flaw opens Linux distros, networking devices to takeover attacks

A vulnerability (CVE-2020-8597) in the Point-to-Point Protocol Daemon (pppd) software, which comes installed on many Linux-based and Unix-like operating systems and networking …

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