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Kabir Barday
Core security measures to strengthen privacy and data protection programs

As privacy laws evolve globally, organizations face increasing complexity in adapting their data protection strategies to stay compliant. In this Help Net Security interview, …

smart building
Physical security is becoming a top priority in building design

Despite the importance of security, it was, until recently, an afterthought in building design, according to Brivo. Rather than considering security from the very beginning, …

Great security training is a real challenge

All employees need security training, yet it’s generally a resented afterthought. A variety of studies over years show that human error is generally felt to be the largest …

IT’s rising role in physical security technology

As the adoption of cloud-based and mobile-access security systems continues to increase among both new and established businesses, the lines between traditional physical …

Physical threats increase as employees return to the office

As COVID-19 vaccinations continue, companies embrace hybrid work, employees return to the office and the U.S. opens up, violence and physical threats to businesses are …

Is your organization getting physical security right?

For most organizations (and especially for tech companies), the physical security of data centers and headquarters is of the utmost importance. As Tim Roberts, a senior …

Widely used building access system can be easily compromised

A researcher has discovered several egregious vulnerabilities in the PremiSys IDenticard building access management system, some of which could allow attackers to take control …

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