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4 warning signs that your low-code development needs DevSecOps

Low code platforms have democratized development in the enterprise. They improve efficiency and enable companies to do more with less. But as you begin to do more you will …

Best practices and challenges in adopting continuous software testing

Businesses must accelerate the shift to comprehensive continuous software testing in order to remain competitive, according to a report released by Capgemini and Broadcom. The …

Quality Assurance and Testing is a bottleneck to implementing DevOps for many organizations

The practice of Continuous Testing – the process of fast and efficient validation of software releases in agile developments through highly automated tests – is gaining ground …

Android AV
Two thirds of Android antimalware apps are ineffective or unreliable

Choosing an effective Android antimalware app is a shot in the dark for many users and they may end up in more danger of malicious apps, not less. In fact, as the results of …

Making informed decisions: The importance of data driven security

When deciding what product to buy, the information the vendor offers about the product is helpful, but not nearly enough: you need to analyze individual product results and …

Which SD-WAN product should enterprises choose?

Adoption of Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) has reached an inflection point and nearly every distributed business is deploying, evaluating, or planning to …

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