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OwnBackup acquires RevCult to provide SaaS data protection for organizations

OwnBackup announced the acquisition of RevCult, a California-based software company that provides Salesforce security and governance solutions, often known as SaaS Security …

Acting on a security risk assessment of your organization’s use of Salesforce

Salesforce isn’t rocket science, but the software has an incredible array of tools, which is why securing it demands a unique (and sometimes complex) approach. If you’re …

Granting employees admin status is convenient but risky

One of your employees needs access to part of your customer database so he can fulfill an urgent reporting request. You’re busy and this employee is trustworthy, so you grant …

Three principles regarding encryption you need to keep in mind

Encryption is a popular topic among security professionals and occasionally a polarizing one. Plenty of misconceptions surround the process, and these often skew the way …

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