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security camera
9 million Xiongmai cameras, DVRs wide open to attack

SEC Consult researchers have issued a warning about a handful of critical vulnerabilities they discovered in video surveillance equipment by Chinese manufacturer Hangzhou …

Sec Consult
Vulnerability research and responsible disclosure: Advice from an industry veteran

“Everything changes once you have to supervise and mentor and schedule and coordinate and keep in mind all the things others don’t. You often have to hold back your own …

Crypto flaw in Oracle Access Manager can let attackers pass through

A padding oracle vulnerability in Oracle Access Manager (CVE-2018-2879) can be exploited by attackers to bypass authentication and impersonate any user account. About the …

“Deliberately hidden” backdoor found on US government’s comms system

Researchers from Austrian infosec outfit SEC Consult have unearthed what they dubbed a “deliberately hidden backdoor account” in NX-1200, a network controller …

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