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Amazon Key
Would you let Amazon unlock your door?

Amazon recently announced the launch of the Amazon Key, allowing the Amazon delivery person to open your door in order to place your package inside, where presumably it will …

LG HomeHack
Researchers turn LG’s Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner into a real-time spying device

Check Point researchers have discovered a vulnerability in LG’s smart home infrastructure that could have allowed hackers to take over the legitimate user’s account and, …

Cisco plugs critical hole in Prime Home management platform

Cisco has released nine security alerts on Wednesday, and among these are two for critical vulnerabilities in its ASR 900 Series routers and the Cisco Prime Home management …

smartthings hub
Samsung’s smart home platform flaws let attackers fiddle with your doors

Researchers have managed to exploit design flaws in the Samsung SmartThings smart home programming platform and successfully mount a series of attacks that could result in …

Smart home security and privacy checklist

Today’s homes are being built and retrofitted with smart apps and devices to monitor things like security, temperature and lighting. Homeowners and renters should be cognizant …

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