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OneLogin suffers data breach, again

OneLogin, a popular single sign-on service that allows users to access thousands of popular cloud-based apps with just one password, has suffered what seems to be a serious …

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Microsoft users can ditch password-based logins for phone sign-in 2FA

Microsoft added a new feature to its authenticator app, allowing users to sign into their Microsoft account without having to enter their password. “With phone sign-in, …

Broken glass
OAuth2.0 implementation flaw allows attackers to pop Android users’ accounts

Incorrect OAuth2.0 implementation by third party mobile app developers has opened users of those apps to account compromise, three researchers from the Chinese University of …

OneLogin breached, customers’ Secure Notes compromised

San Francisco-based OneLogin, which offers single sign-on and identity management for cloud-based applications and claims 1400+ enterprise customers in 44 countries, has …

QRLJacking: A new attack vector for hijacking online accounts

We all know that scanning random QR codes is a risky proposition, but a newly detailed social engineering attack vector dubbed QRLJacking adds another risk layer to their use. …

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