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Top threats for the financial sector

The potential financial, operational, and reputational impact of ransomware makes it the top threat facing financial services organizations, according to a report from …

Financial institutions can strengthen cybersecurity with SWIFT’s CSCF v2021

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) has introduced an updated set of baseline customer security controls that all of its users must …

Combating the virtual and physical threats banks face

The banking sector has always been at the center of criminal attention. Today, banks must contend with near-constant cyber attacks from organized criminal gangs, as well as …

What happens to funds once they have been stolen in a cyberattack?

SWIFT and BAE Systems published a report that describes the complex web of money mules, front companies and cryptocurrencies that criminals use to siphon funds from the …

Russian, Indian banks lose millions to hackers

The Russian central bank’s Financial Sector Computer Emergency Response Team (FinCERT) disclosed on Friday that hackers compromised a computer at a Russian bank and used …

MoneyTaker’s stealthy hacking spree spread from US to Russia

A stealthy group of Russian-speaking hackers has been targeting financial organizations (banks, credit unions, lenders) in the US and Russia, stealing money and documentation …

SWIFT systems of three Indian banks compromised to create fake trade documents

Since last year’s revelation that attackers have compromised SWIFT software of Bangladesh’s central bank and used it to perform fraudulent transfers worth tens of …

SWIFT warns of new attacks, Bangladesh Bank heist linked to Sony hack

SWIFT, the organization that provides banks with a secure network for sending and receiving information about financial transactions, has sent out a warning about a malware …

Bangladesh Bank hackers compromised SWIFT software with bespoke malware

Bit by bit, indications about how the attackers who targeted Bangladesh’s central bank managed to take off with some $80 milllion (of the nearly $1 billion they aimed …

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