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Tech support scam
Tech support scammers use old bug to freeze browsers

Tech support scammers are exploiting a bug that maxes out users’ CPU and memory capability and effectively freezes the browser and possibly the computer, in an attempt …

skull binary
Fight fraud: Scams, identity theft, ransomware attacks

In an increasingly technology-oriented world, cybercrime has become all too common for both consumers and businesses. Internet crime takes many forms and includes everything …

Google Chrome
Google Chrome users targeted by tech support scammers

Google Chrome users, beware: tech support scammers are misusing helpful browser features to impersonate Microsoft and to bombard users users with pop-ups. In the first …

fake tech support isp
Tech support scammers impersonate victims’ ISP

Tech support scammers have switched from cold calls to pop-ups ambushing users online, seemingly coming from the victims’ ISP. In the US and Canada, Verizon, AT&T …

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