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Compromised ad company serves Magecart skimming code to hundreds of websites

Security researchers have flagged a new web-based supply chain attack by one of the cybercriminal groups that fall under the Magecart umbrella. The attackers managed to …

Users lock
Third parties: Fast-growing risk to an organization’s sensitive data

The Ponemon Institute surveyed more than 1,000 CISOs and other security and risk professionals across the US and UK to understand the challenges companies face in protecting …

online shopping
1 in 5 merchants compromised by Magecart get reinfected

The Magecart threat looms large for online retailers and their customers, as the criminal groups that have been assigned this collective name are constantly trying out new …

Attackers breached Statcounter to steal cryptocurrency from users

Web analytics company Statcounter and cryptocurrency exchange have been compromised in another supply-chain attack, which resulted in an unknown number of …

digital pentagon
Hackers steal Pentagon personnel’s PI and credit card data

The U.S. Department of Defense confirmed on Friday that personal information and credit card data of some 30,000 U.S. military and civilian personnel has been compromised in a …

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Magecart hacks Shopper Approved to simultaneously hit many e-commerce sites

The cybercriminal groups under the Magecart umbrella strike again and again, and one of them has apparently specialized in compromising third parties to more easily get in as …

Magecart compromises Feedify to get to hundreds of e-commerce sites

Customer engagement service Feedify has been hit by Magecart attackers, who repeatedly modified a script that it serves to a few hundred websites to include payment card …

Delta and Sears suffer data breach, credit card information compromised

US-based Delta Air Lines and Sears Holdings, the owners of Sears and Kmart, have announced that the breach suffered by chatbot company [24] has resulted in the compromise …

Thousands of government, orgs’ websites found serving crypto mining script

On Sunday, over 4,200 websites around the world started hijacking visitors’ browsers to mine the Monero crypto currency. The attack The problem was first noticed and …

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