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Global WLAN market revenue continues to increase

Worldwide revenue for the combined consumer and enterprise WLAN market segments increased 17.9% year over year in the fourth quarter of 2020 (4Q20) and grew 10.3% for the full …

Dnsmasq vulnerabilities open networking devices, Linux distros to DNS cache poisoning

Seven vulnerabilities affecting Dnsmasq, a caching DNS and DHCP server used in a variety of networking devices and Linux distributions, could be leveraged to mount DNS cache …

Ubiquiti warns customers about potential data breach

American networking tech vendor Ubiquiti is asking customers to change their password because of unauthorized access to some of their information technology systems hosted by …

Regularly updating your wireless router is not enough to ward off attacks

Wireless routers are the most often attacked and exploited type of IoT device. They are also one of the rare IoT devices that most of us can’t do without. We need them …

Ubiquiti Networks NanoStation
Unpatched flaw opens Ubiquiti Networks devices to compromise

A critical vulnerability in many of Ubiquiti Networks’ networking devices can be exploited by attackers to take over control of the device and, if that device acts as a …

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