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Cyber criminals continue to target and exploit people

Proofpoint unveiled its annual Human Factor report, which provides a comprehensive examination of the three main facets of user risk — vulnerability, attacks, and privilege — …

Which users are at higher risk of email-based phishing and malware?

The risk of being targeted with email-based phishing and malware attacks is not evenly spread across geographic and demographic boundaries, Google and Stanford University …

Google offers high-risk Chrome users additional scanning of risky files

Google is providing a new “risky files” scanning feature to Chrome users enrolled in its Advanced Protection Program (APP). About the Advanced Protection Program …

State-sponsored actors may have abused Twitter API to de-anonymize users

A Twitter API that’s intended to help new account holders find people they may already know on Twitter has been abused by known and unknown actors to tie usernames to …

Could lighting your home open up your personal information to hackers?

Earlier this year Amazon’s Echo made global headlines when it was reported that consumers’ conversations were recorded and heard by thousands of employees. Now …

How to write an effective data breach notification?

Data breach notifications sent by companies to affected customers are often unclear and not very helpful, University of Michigan researchers have found. The problem(s) The …

Employees are aware of USB drive security risks, but don’t follow best practices

Employees are aware of the risks associated with inadequate USB drive security – yet their employers aren’t mandating following best practices, according to a report by …

Users are too confident in their protection from threats

Most users care about online privacy and take some steps to make sure their data is protected, a new Malwarebytes survey has revealed. But some protection measures are too …

Microsoft Azure
Azure AD Identity Protection now revolves around risky users and risky sign-ins

Launched in September 2018, Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP) integrates a number of Microsoft services to provide a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for securing the …

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