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How to prepare for your first infosec job hunt

You’re new to the information security industry and you’re wondering what to expect during an interview. A quick online search will bring up horror stories …

Black Hat
How to get your talk accepted at Black Hat

There’s a wealth of technical information security conferences all over the globe, but Black Hat USA is the only one that gathers so many of the world’s top …

How a digital pathology solution secures patient data

Dutch tech company Philips recently announced that its digital pathology solutions have been certified for compliance with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) security …

Smart buildings security: Who’s in charge?

As the Internet of Things became an accepted reality, and the security community realized that they have to get involved in securing it, days without news about the insecurity …

Ivan Ristic, SSL Labs
Ivan Ristic and SSL Labs: How one man changed the way we understand SSL

Ivan Ristic is well-known in the information security world, and his name has become almost a synonym for SSL Labs, a project he started in early 2009. Before that, he was …

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