RAV AntiVirus for Samba (Linux) Released

GeCAD Software, RAV AntiVirus manufacturer, has recently released RAV AntiVirus for Samba (UNICES), to provide reliable protection of valuable data for those relying on Linux for the management of their file servers.

RAV AntiVirus for Samba protects Samba shared partitions on file servers running UNICES. The scan is performed both on open and on close, thus avoiding infection risks at any point. Due to the RAV engine technology, RAV AntiVirus for Samba detects Windows, Linux and other OS malwares, which becomes particularly efficient when the file servers running UNICES has Samba shared partitions that are used by network clients running other OSs (for example Windows). Please find attached a press release with detailed information on the cutting edge technologies used by RAV development team for this new member of its product family.

Source: RAV AntiVirus site

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