New LovGate Worm Variant Intercepted

MessageLabs announced that yesterday a new version of LovGate worm was found in the wild. Initial research shows that this version of an infamous mass mailing worm incorporates a SMTP engine and has the possibility of spreading over network shares as well over e-mail messages. Once the worm is activated, it randomly replies to the messages found in the inbox and attaches a copy of itself.

According to the copies Message Labs came across, the file attachment is written in Microsoft Visual C/C++ and is compressed using ASPack. The size of the attachment is 107,008 bytes.

Some of the possible file names, this worm (named W32/LovGate.F-m by Message Labs) uses:

Are you looking for Love.doc.exe, autoexec.bat, The world of lovers.txt.exe, How To Hack Websites.exe, Panda Titanium, Mafia Trainer!!!.exe, 100 free essays school.pif, AN-YOU-SUCK-IT.txt.pif, Sex_For_You_Life.JPG.pif, CloneCD + crack.exe, Age of empires 2 crack.exe, MoviezChannelsInstaler.exe, Star Wars II Movie Full Downloader.exe, Winrar + crack.exe, SIMS, MSN Password Hacker and Stealer.exe.

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