Criston expands into Australian Market

Sophia-Antipolis France July 1st 2005 Criston and Valok today announced an alliance to ensure business continuity through real-time management of vulnerable and mis-configured Windows and UNIX operating systems, and end users PC’s. Criston is the leading European provider of systems, patch and vulnerability management, and Valok Global Midrange Software Solutions is one of Australia’s leading providers of midrange applications and systems management solutions.

The alliance combines Criston’s industry leading Precision version 5 product designed to manage large networks of PCs, control vulnerabilities and deploy patches. Criston together with Valok’s expertise in systems, security and software management will protect organisations vulnerabilities and safeguard networks and IT environments. This will enable customers to assess risk levels in their exclusive environments in real time, eliminating the need to identify and respond to risk reactively.

Precision v5 is a unique solution for comprehensive network vulnerability assessment and up-to-date security verification. It ranks potential risks and recommends fixes for eliminating network weaknesses and then deploys to remote pc’s enterprise wide.

“This new partnership demonstrates our commitment to providing market-leading management and security to enterprises that have historically only been served by point solutions. We have a unique opportunity to provide customers with the right software that establishes a first-mover advantage for the next step toward security and systems management convergence” declares Marc Vaillant – Criston CEO. “Valok’s knowledge and experience as a distributor of a large range of systems management software will help Criston bring Systems Management, Patch Management and Vulnerability Management solutions to customers operating in a range of diverse sectors throughout the Asia Pacific region” said Marc Vaillant.

“The security of information and end users pc’s are critical business issues, but we also recognise that time-to-market and maximising service availability are vital to our client’s success. Precision v5 is an excellent addition to our enterprise security management service that will enable our consultants to receive an instant real-world diagnosis of the client’s first line of defence. Using Criston’s software, experience and services, Valok will complement its security and systems management offerings and provide maximum value and flexibility to its business customers as they implement state-of-the-art solutions ” stated Robert Stammel – Valok CEO.

About Criston Software

Founded in 1997, Criston is the leading provider of autonomic PC and Device management systems Its solutions allow IT professionals to understand, plan, automate and control their organization’s IT environment. The benefits of our autonomic solution are appreciated throughout the enterprise. The automation of basic management tasks and use of self-healing techniques dramatically reduce the time required to keep the system healthy and operational. The continuous monitoring and solving of problems produces a more reliable system. While the technology is hidden from the end users, it ensures a stable and up-to-date PC environment with far fewer service interruptions. Criston Software is headquartered in Sophia Antipolis, France. More information about Criston can be accessed at

Note to the editors: Criston Software is a registered trademark. Autonomic PC and Device Management and Criston Precision v5 are registered trademarks of Criston. Criston Software is a member of the AEFS (French Association of Security Solution Manufacturers) and the first systems management solution within Europe to be designated Autonomic by IBM.

About Valok

Valok was first incorporated in 1987. Since inception, their goal has been to provide high quality products and services for customers. Initially, Valok focused on consulting services covering a wide range of subjects including Technical Services, Capacity Management, Performance Management, Application Development management and IT Security. In an effort to improve our customer service, Valok introduced software sales to its portfolio in 2001, specialising in Midrange application development and systems management solutions. Valok’s diverse customer base, includes Financial Institutions, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Food Ingredient Manufacturers, Automotive Industry, Rural Industry as well as Transport, and Government are situated in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the United States. Staff has extensive experience on all enterprise level platforms including IBM’s zSeries and iSeries, UNIX, LINUX, and Windows.

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