NetManage to resell SSH Tectia products

SSH Communications Security Corp. and NetManage, Inc. announced a solution partnership agreement. Through this agreement, NetManage will resell SSH Tectia Client, Server, and Manager with NetManage RUMBA and NetManage ViewNow X Server host access software to enterprise, financial and government customers. The combined solution will provide true end-to-end secure application connectivity and data integrity, including secure remote access, file transfer and X11 connectivity. In addition, through SSH Tectia’s Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 certification, this new solution meets key requirements necessary for protecting sensitive information for federal government customers.

NetManage RUMBA and NetManage ViewNow X Server provide secure access to host information from any Windows desktop. NetManage RUMBA provides a friendly Windows environment to access a broad range of host systems, including IBM mainframe, IBM iSeries (AS/400), Hewlett-Packard, UNIX and VAX. It also delivers multi-session support, host printer emulation and a variety of file transfer and host-based graphics options. NetManage ViewNow X Server provides Windows PC users with easy network access to memory-intensive, graphics-rich X applications running on UNIX systems.

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