AEP NACpoint now shipping

AEP Networks announced general availability of its new Network Admission Control solution. The AEP NACpoint appliance protects networked resources against attack from unknown users and devices by authenticating users requesting LAN access, performing a node posture validation scan of clients, and placing offending clients in quarantine and enabling remediation.

The NACpoint solution is ideal for securing wireless access, wired guest/conference room access, and shared workspaces. It includes features such as:

” Agent or Agentless Remote Vulnerability Assessments and Quarantine: Checks for antivirus software, firewalls, operating systems, anti-spyware, registry and patch levels via schedule or on-demand – all without requiring admin rights on the client machine.
” Automatic Segmentation and Quarantine: Assigns users to network segments or quarantine based on identity, assessment results and enforcement policies.
” Automated or Assisted User Remediation: Eliminates core vulnerabilities while reducing the burden on IT staff.
” Enforcement at the Switch or Wireless Access Points (WAP): Integrates with any managed Layer 2 switch or WAP, and can automatically shut down conference room or WAP ports when needed.

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