New book release – “Security Power Tools”

What if you could sit down with some of the most talented security engineers in the world and ask any network security question you wanted? A new book from O’Reilly Media, Security Power Tools, lets you do exactly that. In it, members of the Juniper Networks’ Security Engineering team along with a few guest experts reveal how to use, tweak, and push the most popular network security applications, utilities, and tools available using Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix platforms.

Their effort culminates as twenty-three cross-referenced chapters that cover the best security tools on the planet for both black hat techniques and white hat defense tactics. Security Power Tools is packed with their tips, tricks, and general how-to advice about an assortment of freeware and commercial tools, ranging from intermediate level command-line operations to advanced programming of self-hiding exploits.

The book is divided into six main technical sections:

  • Reconnaissance–including tools for network scanning such as nmap, vulnerability scanning tools for Windows and Linux, LAN reconnaissance, tools to help with wireless reconnaissance, and custom packet generation.
  • Penetration–such as the Metasploit framework for automated penetration of remote computers, tools to find wireless networks, exploitation framework applications, and tricks and tools to manipulate shellcodes.
  • Control–includes the configuration of several tools for use as backdoors, and a review of known rootkits.
  • Defense–includes host-based firewalls, host hardening for Windows and Linux networks, communication security with SSH, email security and anti-malware, and device security testing.
  • Monitoring–such as tools to capture and analyze packets, network monitoring with Honeyd and snort, and host monitoring of production servers for file changes.
  • Discovery–includes The Forensic Toolkit, SysInternals, and other popular forensic tools.

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