Trojans top the charts in September

Trojans have held off worms and bots to top the charts as the most active type of malicious code, according to data compiled by Panda’s ActiveScan online antivirus system. Trojans were responsible for 25.94% of infections and only narrowly outnumbered popular adware.

Designed to display advertising on computers adware was second best with 23.39% of infections.

Worms came in third (8.39%), followed by backdoor Trojans (3.77%) that allow unauthorized access to computers. More traditional malware including spyware, dialers and botnets were among the least common suspects, (3.2%), (3.02%) and (2.48%) respectively.
The Downloader.MDW has kept his position for the fourth month running as the most frequently detected malware strain. Second and third places saw malicious newcomers: W32/IRCbot.BEP.worm and Downloader.OZB.
ZLFake.A.drp and the Lineage.BZE Trojan occupied fourth and fifth place having both dropped down the ranking since the previous month.
Next was the Trojan Downloader.PYI, followed by the only two worms: Puce.E and Brontok.H.
September’s Top Ten ranking was closed off by ZlFake.A and Downloader.PCQ.

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