RSA 2008: Luna XML cuts deployment time

SafeNet today announced the availability of its Luna XML Hardware Security Module (HSM), the world’s easiest to deploy and integrate HSM for web services applications and transaction security.

SafeNet continues its innovative firsts with the Luna XML, a Web Services HSM that combines the benefits of being network attached and supporting virtualized segmentation with a modern API that drastically reduces integration and deployment times. HSMs provide reliable protection for applications, transactions, and information assets by safeguarding the cryptographic keys that are at the heart of any encryption-based security solution.

Completely platform independent with no client software installation required, the Luna XML simplifies integration, saves time and reduces costs. It has a zero footprint on the host application server, ­enabling rapid, independent, flexible, and highly scalable deployments. It features a web services cryptographic interface, using XML/SOAP as the messaging interface, making it easy to use and requiring no knowledge of existing APIs.

The Luna XML also scales to meet demands as appli­cations within your organization grow. Core configuration parameters are upgradeable, allowing the Luna XML to scale without the need to replace hardware. In addition, reliability, redundancy and increased throughput are easily achieved as there are no restrictions on the number of HSMs that can work in unison.

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated and equipped with multi-level access controls, the Luna XML is highly secure. It protects critical cryptographic keys and accelerates sensitive cryptographic operations across a wide range of security applications.

In addition, the multi-level access control and authentication policies to the Luna XML’s administrative functions provide the highest degree of protection for sensitive cryptographic keys and prevent unauthorized system configuration changes.

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