eTelemetry finds rogue access points

eTelemetry announced the release of rogue access point detection and advanced alerting capabilities for Locate, its award-winning network appliance that correlates people with their MAC address, IP address, and switch port in real time and historically.

Locate 4.1 increases network security threat detection by sending alerts when new users, devices, and IP addresses appear on the network. Newly added SNMP traps provide easy integration with existing network management solutions. Locate 4.1 also features advanced reporting capabilities that automatically identify potential rogue or unauthorized access via Wi-Fi connections.

Locate is built on eTelemetry’s patented people-to-IP technology that identifies the person, by name and complete contact information, behind an anonymous IP address on an enterprise network. It’s delivered on a plug-and-play network appliance with a user-friendly web interface.

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