New book: “Google Apps Hacks”

When Google lifted traditional office applications into its “cloud” of fast network connections, powerful servers, and seemingly limitless storage, it changed the way many of us create, organize, and share information – and even write books.

In fact, Google Apps Hacks: Tips & Hacks for Unlocking the Power of Google Applications was drafted and edited in the cloud. With an ocean and several time zones separating German author Philipp Lenssen and his O’Reilly editor, they turned to the Google apps suite to write and revise this highly anticipated new book.

Clearly illustrated and easy-to-understand, the book shows you how to create and share all kinds of documents with Google’s applications, along with interesting ways to mash them up–like embedding web pages into Google Calendar, putting Picasa photos on a map, and more. You’ll get much more than the obvious out of Google Apps, including:

  • Google Spreadsheets: Add real-time data to spreadsheets; generate charts and tables for web pages
  • Google Presentations: View them on a mobile phone and save them as video
  • Gmail: Send email to and from a mobile phone, adjust Gmail’s layout with a style sheet, and more
  • iGoogle: Create your own gadgets, program a screenscraper, and add Flash games
  • Google Calendar: Add web content events, public calendars, and your Outlook Calendar.

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