New SSL deployment technologies

GlobalSign announced “AutoCSR” and “One-Click SSL” two new SSL deployment technologies that will revolutionize the way hosting companies provision SSL Certificates to hosting customers. The new technologies award hosting companies unparalleled degrees of automation during the SSL application, approval and installation processes.

Automation of the SSL Certificate lifecycle (CSR generation, application, approval and Certificate installation) is essential if hosting companies are to offer SSL to customers of all technical levels without having to handle unwanted, and expensive, customer support issues. Such issues include customers needing assistance with CSR generation, approval processes and Certificate installation. No other SSL Certificate provider has achieved the level of automation offered through GlobalSign.

A GlobalSign survey highlighted that generating a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) remains one of the consistent problem areas faced by customers wishing to secure their server. The process for CSR generation still requires customers (regardless of technical expertise) to follow complex server commands.

With Auto-CSR, GlobalSign has removed the need for end customers to create the CSR file themselves. Removing this step significantly reduces support requests such as “What is a CSR?”, “How do I create it?”, and “What details should be in it?” As a result, partners can expect fewer support calls, less abandoned orders and a greatly increased SSL Certificate delivery speed. Auto-CSR can be used with all web server types and control panels and is available to all GlobalSign Partners.

The patent pending One-Click SSL allows hosting companies to fully automate the SSL Certificate application, approval and installation process, creating levels of automation previously deemed impossible for mass SSL reselling. When fully integrated, like the recent Verio deployment, hosting customers can secure their server with the click of a button, and there is no compromise to SSL Provider vetting processes. Traditional domain validation requires “domain approver” mailboxes to be setup and active, and emails delivered to an appropriate contact, something that cannot always be guaranteed – especially for hosting companies who manage customer’s domains on their behalf. The One-Click SSL method pioneered by GlobalSign eliminates all the issues traditionally associated with hosting companies reselling SSL, and is the most innovative and revolutionary development in SSL delivery since the birth of the domain validated SSL Certificate (now accounting for the majority of active SSL Certificates worldwide).

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