A multivendor open automation framework

The IP networking industry is rapidly introducing more intelligent systems. This new breed of network offers a wide array of converged services extending from routing and switching to content aware security, deep packet inspection and complex application networking functions. As network complexity increases and product life cycles shorten, vendors and service providers are focused on improving operational efficiency while raising quality.

A typical networking lab deployment can contain test equipment from multiple, disparate vendors driving the need for seamless integration and interoperability among the various tools. As a result, IP test automation has moved to center stage because it is the only way quality can be assured after product upgrades, network modifications and software patches.

Ixia and its partners announced the formation of the TesLAcm Alliance (IP Test Lab Automation). The TesLA Alliance will provide an open, multivendor automation framework that allows members to offer integrated IP test automation solutions for their customers. The Alliance members will build and market compatible solutions that enable seamless interoperation between their respective solutions in customer quality assurance (QA) labs.

The Alliance was formed by leaders in IP testing to establish a common framework that will allow their customers to automate their end-to-end testing. The founding TesLA members are APCON, Codenomicon, Fanfare, Ixia, Mu Dynamics, QualiSystems and Shunra.

The TesLA open automation framework ensures interoperability among members’ products, making it easy for customers to improve efficiency and productivity. TesLA’s open, unified IP test automation framework also promotes the use of efficient, standardized tests. Automation is the only way quality can be assured with methodologies that improve test coverage and product quality in spite of rapid release cycles.

TesLA benefits:

  • Multi-vendor interoperability – TesLA ensures that test equipment from multiple vendors is fully interoperable. Testing of network devices and systems can be performed utilizing the best equipment from multiple vendors – seamlessly.
  • Maximize ROI – TesLA’s unifying framework increases the utilization of CAPEX investments, both for systems under test and test equipment. The open framework promotes a reduction in OPEX expenses that reduces the cost of deploying new technologies as they arrive.
  • Minimize time to market – TesLA’s combination of complementary automation products increases end-to-end test automation and creates an environment capable of truly unattended testing. This unattended testing allows more testing in less time with better coverage and increased utilization of hardware.
  • Optimize end-user satisfaction – Through more robust testing with the use of TesLA members’ products, customers will be able to deliver better products with fewer problems, and significantly increasing end-user satisfaction and product reputation.

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