New book: “Refactoring SQL Applications”

Refactoring SQL Applications (O’Reilly) by Stephane Faroult and Pascal L’Hermite provides a set of tested options for making code modifications to dramatically improve the way your database applications function.

In Refactoring SQL Applications, Faroult and L’Hermite show you how to do just this. You will learn to:

  • Determine if and where you can expect performance gains
  • Apply quick fixes, such as limiting calls to the database in stored functions and procedures
  • Refactor tasks, such as replacing application code by a stored procedure, or replacing iterative, procedural statements with sweeping SQL statements
  • Refactor flow by increasing parallelism and switching business-inducted processing from synchronous to asynchronous
  • Refactor design using schema extensions, regular views, materialized views, partitioning, and more
  • Compare before and after versions of a program to ensure you get the same results once you make modifications
Refactoring SQL Applications
Stephane Faroult , Pascal L’Hermite
ISBN: 9780596514976, 296 pages, $44.99, £27.99, 36 €

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