New Comodo Internet Security suite

Comodo Security Solutions has released Comodo Internet Security (CIS), a complete antivirus and firewall security package free to all PC users. Among its many powerful features, this security software detects and prevents malware such as viruses, adware, spyware, Trojans, bots and rogue software, and includes always-on, real-time protection against threats.

The Comodo Internet Security package includes the award-winning Comodo Firewall Pro and Comodo’s highly-praised antivirus software. Comodo’s Firewall is consistently rated the best free firewall in the industry, winning praise from the Washington Post, PC Magazine, and Lifehacker.

Teamed with Comodo Firewall Pro in the new CIS suite is Comodo’s highly-regarded free antivirus software — also acclaimed by industry experts, and by magazines such as Computer Shopper and Computer America. Both the firewall and antivirus have been revamped for the release of CIS. CIS includes all the essential features of a fully-functional Internet security suite, but at no cost to customers.

Not only does CIS offer better functionality than more expensive programs, but it also offers services that only a handful of other competitors provide. CIS can monitor regular application usage and users’ Internet habits, and can train itself to identify incongruous, potentially destructive behavior as an advanced method of detecting malware. CIS’s Firewall and AntiVirus are now smarter, better at detecting suspicious activity, and feature a stronger threat reporting system.

Users can upgrade to a paid, Pro version of CIS, which features remote access PC support that allows an expert to fix security threats for them. If a user thinks his or her computer has been infected, he or she can start a live chat with an expert online to help resolve the attack. Furthermore, those experts can also tune up a user’s PC to clean out its registry and make it run faster.

CIS Pro also includes TrustConnect, a Comodo service for shielding computers from hackers on a public network and securing wireless and P2P transactions. Customers can purchase CIS Pro at a price of $39/year, well below many competitors’ price tags.

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