Bluetooth proximity lock system

Phoenix Technologies unveiled the Phoenix Freeze, a solution for laptops and netbooks, that provides users with a convenient, always-on Bluetooth proximity system that automatically locks down a laptop whenever the user walks away from it.

Freeze pairs a Bluetooth mobile phone with the user’s laptop so that the laptop immediately locks whenever the user walks away with their phone. When the user returns within a certain proximity (pre-defined by the user) of their mobile computer, it automatically unlocks. This combination offers safety, security, and peace of mind without the annoying effort required to constantly lock and unlock the PC with passwords or finger swipes.

For those who are particularly cautious or those with a critical need to secure data, the Freeze laptop proximity lock can be made a part of a multifaceted authentication process that reduces the time and effort required to achieve a highly secure yet convenient PC experience.

Freeze complements and adds a second level of laptop security to FailSafe, a true embedded and innovative theft deterrence and data loss protection technology. In the event of loss or theft, FailSafe enables laptop and netbook users to lock down their hard drive, erase data, and completely disable and trace the location of their laptop. With FailSafe and Freeze combined, users have a comprehensive security ecosystem on their laptops that safeguards their digital lives.

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