New fraud-fighting product from Kount

Kount has created an ala-carte menu of the technologies and bundled them into a new product called Kount XTV. Among the technologies included in XTV are Kount’s new multi-layer device fingerprinting, and its real-time proxy detection technology.

Kount XTV is targeted at merchants who have existing fraud detection systems in place but are looking to enhance them with the latest technologies. It exposes important variables that other device fingerprinting services typically have kept secret. By providing these new variables to merchants in real-time, XTV allows fraud managers to create more predictive business rules that increase the effectiveness of their fraud detection and prevention systems.

Kount XTV’s patented, real-time technologies can deliver on-demand data elements that will enhance the accuracy of existing predictive modeling strategies. What’s more, Kount XTV’s extended variables can be easily integrated into rule-based systems to provide an additional layer of security for online transactions.

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