Qualys and Modulo partner

Qualys and Modulo have formalized a partnership agreement. As part of the agreement, the companies have integrated the QualysGuard Vulnerability Management and Policy Compliance solution and Modulo’s Risk Manager to deliver comprehensive security risk and compliance management capabilities to the companies’ global customers.

Vulnerability management is one of the essential components of risk management and is vital to ensuring ongoing policy compliance of critical assets. Through identification and analysis of vulnerabilities, organizations can control and track risks on a global scale.

Considering the great technology diversity currently used in organizations, it is important to establish continuous tracking of vulnerabilities and risk analysis across all systems and applications. Together, Modulo and Qualys are providing organizations with the ability to manage and track vulnerability and compliance data across a heterogeneous IT infrastructure.

The integration allows Modulo users to better manage their risk by automating the gathering of security and compliance data from global assets. The Modulo Risk Manager software automatically receives vulnerabilities and misconfiguration data collected through QualysGuard scans. This data is aggregated in the Modulo Risk Manager allowing users to easily view the data, providing better tracking, risk assessment and compliance documentation.

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