New version of DIGIPASS CertiID

VASCO Data Security announced a new version of DIGIPASS CertiID which is now IdenTrust and Microsoft Windows 7 certified and combines OTP and PKI technology.

DIGIPASS CertiID is a client-based software suite using PKI-technology to sign transactions or confidential documents. It addresses specific needs for authentication in banks, enterprises and governments.

For the use in corporate environments DIGIPASS CertiID provides an answer to the growing need for solutions to secure data and information on laptops. With DIGIPASS CertiID, computers can be locked, files and disks can be encrypted, e-mail and data transactions can be signed.

OTP functionality has been added to the new version of DIGIPASS CertiID. PKI and OTP are both managed by one platform, using a single device. The combination of PKI and OTP on one device allows companies to use OTP for specific applications whereas at the same time PKI can be used for other applications.

The use in financial institutions has been further enhanced thanks to the IdenTrust Rule Set compliance. The IdenTrust Rules Set governs how member banks issue and validate globally interoperable digital certificates. IdenTrust’s trusted role in electronic transactions is to provide the identity network that issues and verifies the authenticity of the digital certificates used by the originator and recipient of the transaction, as well as to ensure the transaction is non-repudiable and legally-binding worldwide. With the compliance, banks using IdenTrust now can deploy DIGIPASS CertiID and DIGIPASS Key1 to end-users.

The new DIGIPASS CertiID Setup Builder ensures more simplified deployment: it allows customized set up allowing users to install only those options which they really need.

Other new features include: support for Windows 7, file encryption with Microsoft Vista, a new workflow to issue smartcards, PIN and PUK management, simplified certificate roll out, the management of security policies for use in corporate environments.

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