USB 3.0 compliance suite

LeCroy Corporation introduced a compliance test suite for USB 3.0 protocol that is intended to increase design confidence for early adopters working on SuperSpeed USB products. Built on the Voyager protocol verification platform for USB, the Compliance Suite for USB 3.0 provides an automated application that allows device vendors to begin pre-testing their designs in advance of the industry’s certification program.

The USB Compliance suite addresses both Command Layer and Link Layer compliance verification. This includes Chapter 9 framework tests for both USB 2.0 and 3.0 devices. It also provides a comprehensive link layer test capability that helps verify whether a device properly implements link recovery and power management behavior.

The USB Compliance Suite is integrated with LeCroy’s Voyager exerciser, which emulates USB host operations to establish and maintain link synchronization with USB target devices. The USB Compliance Suite software provides an easy to use console that steps through the test process and generates pass/fail reports identifying possible violations.

Introduced in August of 2008, the Voyager system is LeCroy’s flagship USB test platform and is the defacto standard solution for validating SuperSpeed protocol. Based on LeCroy’s 6th generation protocol analyzer / traffic generator, the Voyager is capable of emulating host or device traffic to perform functional testing and error injection.

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