High performance DNS appliance

Infoblox announced the Infoblox-1852, a core network services appliance family – designed specifically to enable service providers and very large enterprises to meet the exploding need for high-performance, resilient DNS services.

The appliance delivers DNS throughput of 110,000 queries per second and runs Infoblox’s NIOS operating system with Grid technology that provides automated centralized management and “one-button” patching and upgrades with no downtime.

The security-hardened systems provide monitoring and mitigation to defend the service provider network and its customers against DNS cache poisoning attacks. It also includes multiple resilience technologies, such as hardware-based high availability, DNS Anycast, automated disaster recovery, and hot-swappable redundant power supplies.

The Infoblox-1852 appliance platform is now available. Pricing for the appliance with the NS1 package (including DNS, DHCP, IPAM, TFTP/HTTP/FTP and other capabilities) starts at $29,995 in the U.S.

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