Full disk encryption activated by USB

LIGATT Security announced Locked Up, an encryption tool that acts like a vault for a computer, storing data securely. Using full disk encryption, Locked Up prevents all unauthorized access to the contents of a computer’s hard drive and it is activated by a USB system.

The program features Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), an encryption standard adopted by the U.S. government. AES is relatively easy to implement and requires minimal memory space. Locked Up will not slow down a computer or interfere with other programs already installed.

“Many times, when traveling, consumer’s computers will come up missing, either misplaced or stolen. With Locked Up, everything on your hard drive is encrypted, allowing for no one else to access your information. It is important to remember that although the monetary value of a computer has decreased over the years, the data on the computer is priceless. Consumers who utilize Locked Up need to keep their USB key separate from their laptop bag in order to insure complete safety.” says Gregory Evans, LIGATT’s CEO.

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