China raising a cyber army?

Coming as a confirmation of the assertions made in the report prepared by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, another independent report released by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission shows that China is becoming a major cyber superpower and that it’s bent on building its cyber warfare potential.

According to MSNBC, it suggests that groups of hackers are already controlled by China’s government officials and are ready to move in on their orders. The assertion is difficult to prove since there is little hard evidence, but the Internet is perfect for stealth attacks that cannot be linked to a source – the cyber world offers so many possibilities of concealment.

The authors of the appraisal think that the sophistication and the high level of coordination of some recent attacks can point only to a state player. And since an IP address located inside the Great Wall was used during one of the attacks, they think that player is China.

The report was largely base on information on Chinese hacker sites, the analysis of the attacks attributed to the Chinese, and technical articles.

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