New book: “Cloud Security and Privacy”

Cloud computing has emerged as a popular way for corporations to save money that would otherwise go into their IT infrastructure. However, along with the promise of cloud computing there has also been considerable skepticism about the type and extent of security and privacy that these services provide.

Cloud Security and Privacy, written by three well-known authorities in the tech security world, addresses issues that affect any organization preparing to use cloud computing as an option.

This book walks you through the steps you need to take to ensure your web applications are secure and your data is safe, and addresses regulatory issues such as audit and compliance. Ideal for IT personnel who need to deliver and maintain applications in the cloud, business managers looking to cut costs, service providers, and investors, this book provides the detailed information on cloud computing security that – until now – has sorely been lacking.

With this book you will:

  • Review the current state of data security and storage in the cloud
  • Learn about identity and access management (IAM) practices for cloud services
  • Discover which security management frameworks and standards are relevant
  • Understand how privacy in the cloud compares with traditional computing models
  • Learn about standards and frameworks for audit and compliance within the cloud
  • Examine security delivered as a service–a different facet of cloud security.

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