Red Condor 7 supports TLS encryption

Red Condor released version 7.0 of its anti-spam software, which powers the company’s family of Message Assurance Gateway email security appliances and its hosted spam filtering service, includes several new features that enhance the confidentiality and trust of customers’ email communications.

Among the new features in version 7.0 is support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption. Using digital certificates, Red Condor establishes private email networks that link Red Condor’s customers with their defined partners. As a result, every email sent or received through the networks is fully encrypted and the encryption is transparent to both sender and recipient.

Using TLS to encrypt communications between two email gateways protects all email content while in transit and ensures full compliance with privacy regulations. Red Condor’s TLS Encryption is an optional service that is available at no charge to current and new customers.

In addition to TLS Encryption, Red Condor version 7.0 also provides enhanced troubleshooting and certificate management for MAG antispam appliance administrators.

“Email has been the leading communications tool for businesses for many years, yet still today there is significant risk involved when using it to exchange intellectual property or other sensitive information,” said Dr. Thomas Steding, president and CEO of Red Condor. “There is little doubt that the information within unsecured emails could be intercepted, read and altered before it reaches its intended destination. TLS Encryption eliminates these concerns and risks while ensuring the integrity of every message sent through our system.”

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