Adobe hacked, China to blame

In what seems to be normal news this week, Adobe became a victim of what the company is calling “a sophisticated, coordinated attack” and is actively investigating the incident.

Given the size and scope of the attack, Adobe expects the full investigation to take quite some time to complete.

At this time there is no evidence indicating that any sensitive information was compromised.

It was not initially clear if this attack was related to the hacking incident in which China targeted Google, but Adobe did say that this attack against corporate network systems did target also other companies and they are working with them to get a clear picture of what happened.

In an e-mail exchange with Computerworld, Wiebke Lips, Adobe’s senior manager of corporate communications said: “It appears that this incident and the one Google announced earlier are related.”

Google did say that at least twenty other large companies have been targeted. It will be interesting to see what cybercriminals were looking for at Adobe and what companies have also been attacked.

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