Patch management simplified

Patching of vulnerable software, in particular third party software, which isn’t supported by Microsoft WSUS, has been a cumbersome and resource demanding process, causing many companies to neglect patching or only patching very few non-Microsoft programs.

Secunia announced their Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) integration with Microsoft WSUS for 3rd party patch management. With this integration, the patching process has been simplified and can literally be conducted with a few simple clicks:

1. Inspect software
2. Select insecure software to patch
3. Approve automatic patch repackaging for WSUS
4. Approve WSUS distribution.

Because Microsoft WSUS is so widely used, and already running in most corporate networks, Secunia decided to integrated the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector with Microsoft WSUS for 3rd party patch management.

Existing patch management solutions require that customers use Microsoft SCUP or similar complicated tools for repackaging patches. However, due to the information gathered by the Secunia Software Inspector technology, it is possible for the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector to automatically repackage the patches.

The Secunia Software Inspector is delivering detection and vulnerability assessment of nearly all publicly known applications, plugins, and extensions in the market. With Secunia Patch Management we are bringing application transparency, by a complete overview over ALL applications installed, and technology transparency by recognizing and utilising the widely used technology of Microsoft WSUS.

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