Mac AV solution with “panic button”

“Macs are safer than PCs but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re more secure. Many of today’s threats are browser based and Mac users are increasing vulnerable to social engineering exploits,” says Sean Sullivan, Security Advisor at F-Secure.

F-Secure Mac Protection detects and automatically removes malicious Mac software. Automatic updates ensure constant protection against the fast-changing threat landscape. Other features include a firewall integration which automatically enables the OS X system firewall if disabled, and a “panic button” that instantly blocks all online traffic except update servers in the case of an emergency.

F-Secure Mac Protection is available for consumers from selected operators and also through the F-Secure Mac Beta Program for which registration is now open. Participants in the Beta program receive a free six-month subscription during which the product automatically gets database and version updates. Participants also have the opportunity to influence the final product, with rewards for the best suggestions and active feedback.

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