Online protection tips

To help individuals of all ages stay safe online and protect themselves against identity theft and the repercussions of risky online behavior, RSA shared the following safe online behavior advice:

1. Assess your social network “friends” to ensure you’re connected with only people you know and trust.

2. Consider creating separate lists or profiles for professional and personal networking.

3. Take the time to practice safe online behavior – be sure to end every online session by logging off your personal accounts when you’re done using them.

4. Don’t access personal documents or online bank accounts on public computers.

5. Only shop with reputable online companies and be sure to verify web sites for their authenticity before submitting credit card numbers or other personally identifiable information.

6. Frequently change your passwords and ensure they’re hard to guess by including a series of numbers, letters and symbols.

7. Every year complete a full analysis of your online persona. Use a search engine to gather and review all content associated with your identity.

8. Check your financial health annually by obtaining a copy of your credit report to look for false or fraudulent activity.

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