Cisco Press books in the App Store

Cisco Press launched its first iPhone/iPad networking technology Apps, for IT professionals interested in general networking, networking security, or IP Video.

The new Apps complement the suite of Cisco Press learning materials that are readily available in print, electronic, video, and simulation formats. The Cisco Press Apps join the growing list of topical Apps from Pearson including in the areas of IT certification, programming, operating systems/server, web development, software engineering, home/office, and marketing.

“The iPhone/iPad Reader Apps offer technology professionals access to the content they need to solve problems and advance their careers on one of the most popular mobile devices and the paradigm-shifting iPad device,” said Brett Bartow, Executive Editor, Cisco Press.

Having Cisco Press content on these portable devices gives users the flexibility to learn anywhere and at any time. It also allows users to benefit from features only digital platforms can offer, such as easier search, navigation, hyperlinking, and the unique code view feature only available from Pearson.

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