Secure social media management

Cyveillance announced the availability of Secure Social Media Management, which provides organizations with professional review and consultation of social media policies and guidelines, as well as policy enforcement and cyber safety awareness education.

It also manages corporate identities and brands on the leading social networking sites.

Cyveillance Secure Social Media Management provides enterprises with a social media strategy to manage their identity and brand footprint among social networking sites. This is achieved through the review and evaluation of existing social media policies, followed by recommendations for a clearly defined policy on consistent use of company messaging, an ongoing educational program to train company users, and a monitoring and enforcement program to ensure those guidelines are followed accordingly.

Each identity or brand registered through the solution is managed through a secure customer portal and is “locked down” using a unique and secure email, username and password. Alternatively, customers can assume control of accounts and exclusively use the associated pages for promotional purposes.

Threats persist online, whether through social engineering to concoct a targeted email, a lucrative “whale phishing’ scheme targeting high profile executives or an employee’s unintentional release of corporate information. As threats continue to plague the Internet, organizations can stay protected with the solution to address these and other security vulnerabilities.

Online criminals are no longer satisfied with stealing individual identities or single bank accounts; they are targeting high-value executives that have access to valuable corporate intellectual property and information assets. They use sophisticated social engineering scams and leverage social media to inconspicuously acquire the necessary data to gain undetected access to corporate networks.

As a result, victims are unaware that they have been compromised and these breaches frequently aren’t detected until after the damage is done. Greater security awareness across the enterprise will greatly improve security posture and reduce the potential for data breaches and loss of valuable corporate assets.

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